Mobile Ag Apps

Mobile Ag Apps


American Crystal Sugar Company Agronomy

This app utilizes information from the North Dakota Agriculture Weather Network (NDAWN) to customize recommendations for sugarbeet growers in North Dakota and Minnesota. From the list of NDAWN stations, a user can select the weather station nearest to their location to view weather data, soil temperature information, and conditions that favor disease and insect development on demand and in the field. Sugarbeet Agronomy is now available wherever you are.

Agrian Mobile

Agrian Mobile, allows you to instantly find crop protection product information. Named as one of the Top 20 Agriculture Mobile apps by CropLife America, Agrian Mobile gives you access to the largest, most reliable crop protection database in the world.


AGRIplot allows you to plot any area on a map. Simply walk around your property and add landmark point, or drag and drop pins anywhere on the map. AGRIplot will automatically calculate the area enclosed by the points and provide the distances between each point. Interest points allow you to identify additional features for your plot. You can even take pictures associated with each landmark or interest point for a visual representation. Share your plot with the option to email or save a PDF version of the plot information.


AGWired is the online community for everyone involved in agricultural marketing and communications。 This includes farmers, ranchers, agribusiness, farm groups, ag media, freelancers and advertising and public relations agencies。 Keep up with what’s new in the world of agribusiness with the most comprehensive source of agrimarketing news and information you’ll find on the web。

Aphid Speed Scout

This app from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension quickly determines if soybean aphids have reached the 250 aphids per plant threshold。 Plants are considered infested if there are 40 or more aphids on that sample。 The app also recommends further scouting or treatment options based on the number of infested plants in a given area。 (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

CDMS Guide

Guide is your mobile crop protection solution。 Guide provides instant access to the most trusted and comprehensive crop protection database service。 The app is intuitive, powerful and easy to use。 It’s a whole new way to interact with the deep, rich information source of CDMS。 View specimen labels and MSDS for all 50 states, covering 1,600 crops, for more than 4,900 pest and diseases conditions。 The app includes over 4,400 products from more than 200 manufacturers。 The Connected Farm feature can measure fields, map and scout fields, take photos and upload them to a notebook or send them to someone。 It uses Google Earth as a background as well。 

Corn Yield Calculator

The Corn Yield Calculator allows you to quickly estimate the amount of corn in a given field. Once in the field, simply pick three ears and determine if you have small, medium or large kernels of corn. Next, provide specific field data for that field, including row spacing and row length, and the app will calculate the yield.

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

幸运飞艇注册Market strategies – App delivering unbiased market insight and advice to help improve your business decisions. Looks at 6 key factors that drive today’s dramatic futures and cash markets.

Farm Futures

A handy tool to get up to date commodity market information, as well as ag related news, commentary, podcasts, and an area to read and post blogs。

Farm Manager

The Farm Manager app allows farmers to record cropping, livestock, and machinery procedures, and access this information with ease. Users can record full history of crops from when they are sown through to when they are harvested; record chemical and fertilizer use, including type, rate, and date applied; and keep track of machinery maintenance. (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)


This app from TapLogic allows users to enter farm records, equipment service logs, spray records and take notes or pictures. You can also draw field boundaries with GPS or by hand. Sync to your web account where you can print reports, review history and draw and print field maps. (Android, iPhone, iPad)

Fertilizer Cost Calculator

Estimates the value of nitrogen per unit of phosphorous source, along with the cost per unit of P2O5 with or without the nitrogen value. All based on your entered cost per bulk. This app is made by farmers for farmers.

Field Notes LT

A note-taking tool for iPhone/iPad to take with you on the road. You can locate your position using GPS and view a satellite map of the location, take notes, collect photographs all in geo-referenced format. Then transmit this information via a kmz or text to any destination. Makes geo-referenced data sharing and collection a snap for those on the go.

Field Scout Green Index

Collect in-season data from your crop via image analysis and make site specific fertilization decisions. This app is sensitive to low nitrogen levels in leaves. Comes with a pink backboard for light backdrop. IPhone app only right now. $99.99 for app in app store and $50 dollars for board. Will give sidedress N recommendation after computing information.


This app extends the functionality of a 20/20 SeedSense monitor from Precision Planting。 FieldView functions as a second display in the cab, so users can view real time, row-by-row maps of their planter’s performance。 Then, when planting is complete, simply remove the iPad from your cab and have all of the 20/20 data with at your fingertips。 (iPad)

Google Earth

This is the new Google Earth.

Gain a new perspective of the world as you explore the globe with a swipe of your finger.

Fly through landmarks and cities like London, Tokyo and Rome in stunning 3D, then dive in to experience them first hand with Street View。 See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, which brings you one-of-a-kind experiences from Sesame Street, BBC Earth, NASA and more。

Grain Shrinkage Calculator

The Grain Shrinkage Calculator returns the results for the number of bushels after the moisture removal from field to storage for seven common grains: corn, wheat, soybeans, oats, barley, buckwheat, and rye。 (Android)

Growing Degree Days

Designed to provide a quick and easy look at accumulated growing degree day values for a selected area。 The App uses either a Google maps interface or zip code based interface for locating GDD data。 The GDD data returned will consist of month by month totals, as well as a comparison to same period of the previous year。


Named a Top 10 New Product Award winner for 2012 at the World Ag Expo, the iCropTrak is a multi-user software solution that runs in the field with or without Internet connectivity. It allows users to take advantage of geographic data, the GPS technology in the iPad, the larger screen size and touch interaction. iCropTrak gives users an opportunity to deploy data collection templates for functions as diverse as food safety inspections, field spray management, employee timesheets and more. (iPad)

ID Weeds

ID Weeds is produced by the University of Missouri’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Division of Plant Sciences. ID Weeds allows you to search for weeds by their common or Latin name, view a list of weeds or identify weeds based upon a number of different characteristics. Details about each weed are presented, along with photographs of the weed specified.

KIS Futures

KIS Futures allows you to track prices on commodity futures and options from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. It also gives you detailed snapshot of high, low and net change of multiple commodities markets.

Map it Quick!

Quickly save an address or your current GPS coordinates right now and then plot it on a map or get directions to it at any time in the future。 Alternatively, you can send locations and directions to anyone via email。 Generating directions using Map It Quick only takes a few touches of the screen。

Messick’s Parts Diagrams

A great tool for the farm shop. Type in model of tractor, lawn mower, etc. and get back a detailed parts list and diagram. Just type it in and the diagram will appear.

NDAWN Inversion

Real-time weather data from the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN) is used to detect low-level air temperature inversions. An air temperature inversion occurs when the air temperatures near the ground are colder than the air above. The cooler and therefore, denser air, may make spray particles drift off target, often referenced as spray drift. Because spraying during an air temperature inversion is in violation of label instructions, this app, once an inversion is detected, sends a push notification to the user informing them that spraying may longer be advisable. These inversion alerts are resent occasionally until the inversion is no longer present for the station selected. Besides inversion alerts, weather data, including wind speed and temperature data which is also critical information while spraying is available. All NDAWN stations update current weather conditions every 5 minutes.

N Price

From the University of Wisconsin, this app allows you to compare the prices of various forms of nitrogen fertilizer products in terms of their price per pound of nitrogen。

NPIPM Soybean Guide

A South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service app intended to provide current effective management options for insect and other arthropod pests affecting soybeans grown in ND, SD, NE, IA, MN, and KS.

Nutrient Removal

The Mosaic Co.’s new app provides growers and retailers with valuable nutrient removal data in support of higher yields. Utilizing years of agronomic research, the Nutrient Removal app is a next-generation take on the data previously seen in the "Balanced Crop Nutrition" guide. The app also allows users to test potential yields, generating results that are crop and region-specific. (iPhone, iPad, Droid)

Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission

This Sample Submission app allows farmers, gardeners, landscapers, aborists, agricutural specialists, and others to submit digital photo samples to a university plant diagnostic lab for diagnosis or identification. The app contains sample submission forms for plants ranging from small houseplants to large-scale agronomic crops. The user completes each form by responding to simple, customized questions. After entering a description of the problem and attaching corresponding photos the sample submission is sent to the selected diagnostic laboratory.


The PrecisionEarth soil sampling app makes it easier to collect grower, field and soil sampling data. The app uses only open standards so the data you load and the data you export will work with your current GIS, Web and desktop applications seamlessly. Users can load and display directed sampling layers and boundary vectors, export soil sampling location and display background maps. (iPhone, iPad)

Soil Test Pro

Developed by TapLogic, this GPS-enabled app makes soil sampling for the farm easier than ever. Features include unlimited access to FarmLogic's precision ag specialists, aerial imagery of all maps, and test results in 5-7 days. (Android, iPhone, iPad)

Sugarbeet Production Guide 

The Sugarbeet Production Guide provides useful information to assist North Dakota and Minnesota sugarbeet growers in making timely management decisions.  The app brings critical information about sugarbeet cultivation, from seed to harvest at your fingertips. - Developer - NDSU Plant Pathology


The TeeJet Technologies SpraySelect App allows you to quickly and easily choose the proper tip or nozzle for your application. Just enter speed, spacing, and target rate. Select your drop size category and you have a list of tips that will work for your application. The right nozzle is just a few seconds away.

Mix Tank-Tank Mixing Order-Both

Mix Tank, from Precision Laboratories, is designed to assist agricultural applicators with the proper tank mixing sequence of crop protection products. Mix Tank also captures product use rates and application information with Mix Sheets and conveniently maintains accurate Spray Logs for easy record keeping.

Following the proper mixing sequence helps users prevent product incompatibilities and can save applicators time and money by avoiding product loss and sprayer cleanout problems。

The available Weather Integration feature within the Spray Log helps applicators manage spray drift risk by displaying weather information, including wind speed and direction, prior to spraying. Weather Integration also stores conditions at the time of application within the spray log, assisting with documentation and compliance.


The DuPont TankMix Calculator Application allows you to easily calculate the amount of product you will need to treat a specific field area, the amount of product you need to apply to a specific tank size, the amount of water you’ll need to treat a specific field area or the amount of product you need to get the desired volume to volume ratio。

The Weather Channel

An app which gives you access to forecast from over 200 meteorologists and their ultra-local TruPoint(sm) 15 minute forecasting technology, The Weather Channel helps you plan the best day possible。 Features detailed weather conditions and forecasts, and their “expect rain” tab appears to let you know the exact time precipitation will occur。 Severe weather alerts, swipe between your favorite locations, and refresh as often as you like are just a few of the features available。


App tied to TractorHouse.com, an extremely popular tool to find a wide range of ag related equipment.


WindAlert is a mobile application to locate, monitor, analyze, and share wind data whenever, wherever, and however you want it. With over 50,000 weather stations for real-time observations, and our forecast system for observations anywhere in the world, we make it easy for you to find the wind data you’re after no matter where you are. WindAlert is your complete wind information source.

American Crystal Sugar Company does not endorse commercial products or companies even though reference may be made to trade names, trademarks or service names.

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